Photography Exhibition

April 20–21, 2018   |   Tucson, Arizona

Artist Statement: My goal as a photographer is to capture the diverse beauty of the natural world, from the smallest insects to the vastness of our galaxy. As I have begun to step outside the borders of my home, I find that the more I’ve seen, the more I realize I’ve yet to see. In selecting these works, I sought to share some of my recent experiences from around the globe. These photographs each depict something—and somewhere—different: a medieval German town on a tranquil lake, the vibrant colors of Chile’s southern wilderness, warm sunshine on a frozen Icelandic landscape, and the dancing aurora that reminds us that outer space isn’t very far away. Yet despite how different each of these locations, cultures, and landscapes seemed to be, when placed side-by-side it is clear that they’re all just part of one beautiful, breathtaking planet Earth.


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